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Indoor coverage enhancement systems (Cellular, TETRA, GSM-R, etc…)

In recent years, Gruponet has become a benchmark in the execution of interior coverage projects, in any technology and different physical environments.:

  • Coverage enhancement in cellular networks
    • Malls
    • Metro infrastructures
    • Parking lots
    • Sports facilities
    • Airports and railway stations
  • Coverage enhancement in TETRA networks
    • Metro and Rail Tunnels (high-speed train and conventional)
    • Airports
    • Municipal and / or corporate networks
  • Coverage enhancement of GSM-R networks
    • Complete sections of railway lines, including tunnels

We have extensive experience and very significant references in all types of coverage solutions, both in network topology and in radiating systems.:

  • Antennas and Leaky cables
  • Systems based on master stations and repeaters (DAS systems)
  • Pure RF repeaters
  • Distributed base stations (BMU, s and remote heads)

We take in charge of "turnkey" projects:

  • Installation and commissioning of Base Stations and repeaters
  • Installation of radiating systems and associated measures (SWR, RL, DTF, attenuation)
  • Power and Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Ground networks
  • Final coverage measures

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